Domaine Mee Godard

Welcome to Domaine Mee Godard, a wine gem nestled in the heart of Morgon. Our story begins here, in this region which embodies the quintessence of French viticulture. We pride ourselves on continuing tradition while embracing innovation to create exceptional wines. Discover our domain and immerse yourself in the rich world of Mee Godard.

1. An Exceptional Terroir

Our Beaujolais vineyard is a real treasure. Its geological richness, its hilly landscape and its geographical location make it a particularly rich region.

The Morgon appellation on which the estate is located has the three main terroirs of this region, namely saprolytes or sands coming from the degradation of pink granite, alluvium and volcanic rock.

Our work in the vineyard is to support and reveal the particularity of each terroir through our grape varieties, Gamay and Chardonnay, to our measure and according to our interpretation.

2. The Art of Winemaking

At the estate, winemaking is a true passion. Mee Godard combines tradition and innovation to create wines that captivate the senses. From harvest to bottling, each step is carried out with meticulous attention to detail. It is this art of winemaking that allows our wines to reveal all their complexity and elegance.

3. A Passionate Winemaker

Our winemaker, Mee Godard, embodies the passion and commitment that drive the estate. His incessant quest for excellence and his love for the vine are reflected in each of our vintages. With a clear vision and unique sensitivity, she guides our field to new heights. Each bottle bears the mark of his passion, his know-how and his dedication.

4. Gastronomy Wines

Our wines are much more than beverages, they are works of art in a bottle. Raised with care and aged with patience, they are intended to be wines for keeping. Their complex structure and depth make them perfect to accompany the most precious moments. Our wines are designed for gastronomy, to enhance each meal and awaken the taste buds. They embody the essence of our estate: excellence and respect for the terroir.