Morgon Corcelette 2019

The 2019 vintage of Mee Godard's Corcelette shines with its elegance and finesse. On the nose, it reveals itself with enchanting aromas of small red fruits, such as redcurrant and wild strawberry, complemented by delicate floral notes and a hint of minerality. On the palate, the wine surprises with its silky texture and its perfect balance between refined tannins and invigorating acidity. It unfolds into a long and graceful finish, offering a magnificent expression of fresh fruit and light spices. This Corcelette 2019 is a true ode to the subtlety and precision of Mee Godard's work, capturing the very essence of the Morgon terroir brilliantly.

Technical sheet

13.5°100% Gamay100% ORGANICBeaujolais


The vintage rewards
"The Corcelette vineyard is on south-east-facing granite slopes from two vineyards called Bellevue and Montillet. [...] which I described as 'dark-suited, achingly pure fruit. Like plum-sweet jewels carved into the core. Velvet -smudged, powder-fine tannins, dry and sifted through loose rose-petal fragrance. Tea leaves. Strong imprint, and yet delicate. It makes me think of a fine-brush painting in monochrome. It feels like a child's breath on your cheeks .' All her vintages have so far proven to be excellent, [...] demonstrating the consistency and transparency of a good winemaker. [...] She has a way of bringing out the dark, gravel-scented structure of Morgon without losing a modicum of glowing fruit. They are wines that evolve beautifully with age, and yet they are compelling when young. They have power, and yet a tangible quietness. The tannins are super-fine, the acidities strung like a violin. They're wines that would grace the finest table"
Michael Apstein - 93/
"Mee Godard, a young woman originally from Korea, is one of the rising shining stars of Beaujolais. Her wines are not to be missed because of their precision and distinctiveness, not to mention their sheer deliciousness. Located in Morgan, she bottled three different wines in 2017 from various climats (vineyards) in that cru, Corcelette, Côte de Py and Grand Cras. The one from Corcelette has a charming roundness that she says comes from the sandy soil. Although lighter than you'd imagine for a Morgon, it still has supporting tannins that lend necessary structure. For me, it's the “Fleurie” of Morgon. Lovely now with coq au vin."
Gilles Durand Daguin - 91/
"After solid studies in oenology and a detour through Oregon, Mes Godard, encouraged by her parents and her husband, sought to settle in Beaujolais and came across a retirement: 5 hectares in Morton on the most beautiful places called Cordelettes, Grand Cras and Cote de Py. The Godard style is pure wines that are never sterile, airy, but structured, which exude their origin. Everything is good."
William Kelley - 91+/
"Opening in the glass with generous aromas of plums, cherries, smoked meats and Indian spices, the 2018 Morgon Corcelette is medium to full-bodied, velvety and charming, with an eshy core of fruit, powdery tannins and lively acids. Deep and structured , it's built to age."

Our Cuvée

The Morgon Corcelette vintage from Mee Godard is an ode to the elegance and finesse of Morgon wines.

Mee Godard expresses all her talent in the development of these wines, creating refined expressions of this exceptional terroir. Morgon Corcelette are characterized by their subtle aromas of red fruits, their velvety texture and their harmonious balance. Discover the elegance and finesse of Morgon through this unique vintage.

Food & Wine Pairings

Pair Mee Godards wines with your dishes
Grilled lamb chops

Grilled lamb chops

The fruity and spicy notes of Morgon make an excellent accompaniment to lamb.
Roast veal with herbs

Roast veal with herbs

The subtle aromas of roast veal with herbs harmonize with the nuances of the Corcelette vintage.
Goat cheese

Goat cheese

Pair it with fresh or matured goat cheeses for a balanced cheese-wine experience.