Découverte de la Gamme de Vins Mee Godard

Discovery of the Mee Godard Wine Range

Jan 12, 2024Hubert DION

Mee Godard, a passionate winemaker, has created an exceptional wine estate in Morgon. His range of wines reflects his dedication to the art of viticulture and the authentic expression of terroir. Explore with us the treasures it has to offer.

The Côte du Py: A Treasure of Morgon

At the heart of the range is the Côte du Py, a magical place where terraced vines thrive. The resulting wines are of exceptional depth, with notes of ripe red fruits, spices and minerals. It is a vibrant tribute to the unique terroir of Morgon.

Morgon Grand Cras: Elegance and Complexity

Morgon Grand Cras offers a different perspective of the Morgon terroir. It seduces with its unique aromatic complexity, with aromas of black fruits, violets and minerals. This wine embodies the elegance and structure of the terroir.

Morgon Corcelette: Depth and Intensity

The Morgon Corcelette is a treasure to discover. It reveals exceptional depth and intensity, with notes of black cherries, spices and licorice. Each sip is an invitation to explore the complexity of the Morgon terroir.

La Morgon Passerelle: Light and Fruity

For a lighter experience, Morgon Passerelle seduces with its aromas of raspberries and flowers. It is a charming and accessible vintage, perfect for moments of relaxation.

Mee Godard: An Exceptional Winemaker

Beyond her exquisite wines, Mee Godard is an emblematic figure of viticulture in Morgon. Her passion for the terroir, her respect for traditions and her commitment to quality are reflected in every bottle she produces.

The Art of Winemaking

Mee Godard brings a personal touch to each wine, using traditional methods and an attentive approach to nature. Each of its wines is carefully crafted, from the selection of grapes to vinification and aging in oak barrels. It is this attention to detail that gives rise to wines of great purity and remarkable elegance.

The Terroir of Morgon

Morgon is a unique terroir, marked by its granite soils, its terraced vines and its favorable climate. Mee Godard knew how to understand and respect this exceptional terroir. Each vintage is a celebration of the diversity of Morgon, expressing both the power and finesse of the terroir.

An Unforgettable Tasting

Discovering Mee Godard's wines is like embarking on an unforgettable sensory adventure. Each bottle tells a story, a story of Morgon, of passion and know-how. Let yourself be carried away by these unique wines, taste them carefully and discover the multiple facets of this exceptional terroir.

A Homage to Morgon

Mee Godard, through her wines, pays homage to Morgon, a wine region that has captured the hearts of wine lovers around the world. Its vintages embody the essence of this terroir and celebrate the richness of Morgon.

In conclusion, Mee Godard and her wines are a treasure to discover. Each bottle is an invitation to a unique taste journey, an exploration of the flavors and aromas that make Morgon an exceptional terroir. We invite you to taste these wines with curiosity and to immerse yourself in the exciting world of Mee Godard.

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