Mee Godard : Une Vigneronne Passionnée

Mee Godard: A Passionate Winemaker

Jan 12, 2024Hubert DION
Mee Godard: A Passionate Winemaker

In the world of wine, there are extraordinary stories of passion, tradition and innovation. Among these captivating stories, that of Mee Godard stands out for her deep commitment and love for the art of winemaking. Originally from South Korea, Mee found his calling in the heart of the Morgon vineyards, in Beaujolais. There, she created exceptional wines that capture the very essence of the terroir.

Mee Godard is much more than a talented winemaker. She embodies a tireless searcher of flavors, a careful guardian of wine tradition and a bold pioneer in exploring the unique characteristics of the Morgon region. Its philosophy is summed up in a relentless quest for excellence, respect for the terroir and the creation of wines that tell a story.

Mee's journey into the world of wine is an inspiring story. After studying winemaking in Burgundy, she decided to devote herself to the Beaujolais region, particularly in Morgon, where she acquired vines on the slopes of the Côte du Py, one of the most prestigious terroirs in the region. appellation.

Whether in his terraced vineyards or in his cellar, Mee Godard invests body and soul to produce wines which are the pure expression of the land and climate of Morgon. His passion is reflected in every sip of his wines, and his dedication to quality is unwavering.

Mee Godard's wines are much more than beverages. They are the result of the union between tradition and innovation, between respect for ancestral practices and the exploration of new ways to express the terroir. Each of its vintages is an invitation to a sensory journey, an immersion in the rich and complex flavors of Morgon.

Join us to explore the fascinating world of Mee Godard, a passionate winemaker whose wines are an invitation to a unique sensory journey.

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